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Specializing in small business website and web marketing services, I'm happy to help you get your business noticed.

Project Management

Web design is more than a pretty layout that flashes hints of artistic genius.  User experience is critical.  That includes a smart layout, relevant content, and a reliable framework to support it all.

This is what I make happen. 

With over 14 years of project management experience in digital marketing and in website design and development, I can communicate and strategize comprehensive web design, functionality, and content solutions for clients-- whether I'm the builder or the manager of the project. 


Good copy keeps the visitor entertained as well informed. It communicates in the voice of the company providing the service, product, or information and is rich with well-considered keywords. It makes them leave with what you want them to have or with a desire to come back to learn more about you or your product.

But, it should never just fill space.

CMS Integration/Customization

It's not uncommon for me to be amazed by a brilliantly designed website idea. It's not uncommon for the creators of brilliantly designed website ideas to need a hand turning those brilliant designs into a functional website that they are empowered to edit, themselves.

This is where I help.

But, I don't use just any content management system. Wordpress is great, but, for websites that aren't blog-centric, there's a bunch of extra stuff that just gets in the way. By looking for a better fit for clients, I was introduced to Silverstripe.  I've grown to love it.


There's no reason for the full life story. It has its moments--good and bad. I am grateful for all of them. 

With the help of good people and some really interesting opportunities, I have made it this far.

Here's a recap.

  • Born

    This lifetime.


    Nothing special... It just happened. Here I am.

  • The Beginning


    The Beginning

    I was raised in Alabama. Then, I moved to California.  Next was Bamberg, Germany. THIS is where it all started...

  • First Steps


    First Steps

    Through volunteering with different community programs in our little German town, I became acquainted with a newly developing child abuse prevention/parenting education program. The program was dependent on volunteers to offer support and information to military families having children abroad, and it needed to get the word out a) to recruit volunteers and b) to remind the community that the progam was available.  So, for me, it was a terrific fit. Eventually, I became co-manager of he program. But, the best part was the great group of families I got to know from being there.

    See more about what I did here

  • Turning Point


    Turning Point

    Once I came back to the US, I started work at Turning Point Publishing. Our primary product was a digital home tour. I was manager of the ads (project management, graphic design, copy-writing). I also wrote home tour descriptions and online and print manuals and help files. It was here, through the process of down-sizing, that I learned to create websites.

    See my Turning Point duties

  • Silver Eagle Oufitters


    Silver Eagle Oufitters

    This was a cool place to work. Literally. The company manufactures cooling apparel using a patented evaporative cooling material that was ideal for motorcyclists, pets, and anyone or anything with temperature mitigation issues. As part of a small company, my role was pretty much whatever they needed me to be to keep the place going.  But, the most awesome part was traveling with Nancy all over creation to show off the product.

    T'was fun, but I had responsibilities

  • Comlet Technologies


    Comlet Technologies

    I met many great people while at Turning Point, but one person, in particular, changed my life from that point forward. The man who would soon be known as Bill-the-Boss gave me boost when he said he wanted help starting a new business. That one business was Silver Eagle Outfitters. The second was Comlet Technologies.

    I was busy.

  • Still Going...


Things are always changing... So, what you see here is just an example.  If you have any questions about what you see here, please contact me. If you would like to get an idea of how I can help you with your own website or marketing, please fill out my questionnaire to start the dialog.

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Press Release Samples

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